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Galaxy S8 to use facial recognition for payments

20 Marcha 2017

He was the one that leaked the Galaxy S8 in full display in January.

There is, however, no mention of which chip was tested on board the S8.

At the back, it features a rear camera, flash unit, heart rate sensor, a Samsung logo and large FCC labels printed on the back. Come back after the announcement to read all the official details.

A Galaxy S8 concept image.

Secondly another Blass tweet delivered pricing information in euros for both handsets, and this also comes with good and bad news. The said occasion is set for Samsung to reveal its newest flagship handset; Samsung Galaxy S8 along with its sibling Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Previous Samsung handsets, including the ill-fated Note 7, allowed users to unlock the phones with their eyes. There won't be any gold option, just three different shades of grey.

To keep the phone alive is a great 3300mAh battery unit. Thus, the Home button in the two devices will be pressure-sensitive. Since then, we didn't exclude the element because it's something most mobile consumers really need. It will still be a black rectangle - that's a given - but recent leaks indicate we'll see an all-display front, akin to LG's G6. Now, Samsung has announced the price. Note that the prices are for retail phones. Only time will tell.

Samsung is widely believed to be revealing the phone to the public on March 28 at a special Unpacked event in New York. Other rumors have the upcoming iPhone 8 costing upwards of $1,000.

Yet again, we're poised to expect a Super AMOLED display.

Indeed, it's not the first time facial recognition has landed on a Samsung smartphone - it's been used for unlocking before - but would be the first time the technology is used for payments.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Who wins? This is a significant step above what Android Pay and Apple Pay currently has to offer, and thus, it could be a feature that Samsung can utilize as one of the key reasons behind the Galaxy S8's premium price. Following that Note 7 fiasco, Samsung has a lot to prove with the firm's latest flagship.

Galaxy S8 to use facial recognition for payments