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More Rumours About Samsung Galaxy S8 Emerge Online

20 Marcha 2017

Well of course this will surely be the first Samsung device which will have this this features.

New images shared by Evan Blass reveal a few colors that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will don when it hits the market.

According to the report, the feature won't be available at the launch of the phone, but will be rolled out in the months afterwards.

Other than the color variant of the device, all the other things that were expected to come with the Samsung Galaxy S8 is clearly visible.

We assume the actual Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will follow the look of the real life images and be completely clad in each colour option. At the very least, it shows that Samsung is considering colored bezels for some GS8s, even as it reduces the screen borders to almost nothing.

Although the leaks are of dummy phones, it is highly speculated that the phone will not have any USB-C port for charging and for connecting with the other devices. Samsung has said that there's no evidence that the scanner had anything to do with the Note 7 explosions. This time, too, Samsung is expected to announce similar value-added features with the Galaxy C7 Pro.

Another day, another high-resolution leak of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the super-sized Galaxy S8 Plus.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to be launched this coming March 29, with Samsung announcing the device at its Unpacked event.

With mobile security taking on greater importance among consumers, the Korean company has been trying to bolster its facial detection rate over the years, the people said. The update follows the recent releases in Europe, Germany, and Italy; and brings some really cool capabilities for Galaxy loyalists across the country. Its borderless design is definitely no longer in doubt. In Galaxy S8's case, the display measures 5.8-inches diagonally, while the Galaxy S8+ sports a larger 6.2-inch sized display.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have to put to put all stops so that people would forget about the debacle Note 7.

The company has taken steps to improve the safety of its phones, but a quality phone with killer features, particularly as compared with Apple's iPhone, could convince wary customers that it's worth returning to the brand, analysts say.

More Rumours About Samsung Galaxy S8 Emerge Online