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Outrage after ousted South Korea leader leaves dogs at presidential palace

20 Marcha 2017

South Korea will hold a presidential election on May 9 to replace impeached leader Park Geun-hye, who was dismissed last Friday over a corruption scandal, the Yonhap news agency has reported.

The constitutional court unanimously upheld the motion to impeach Park on Friday, about three months after the motion was passed in the parliament by an overwhelming majority.

According to law, an election must be held within 60 days after a president is removed from office.

"Ewha protests were the key to the impeachment", said Lee Taek-Gwang, a professor of cultural studies at South Korea's Kyunghee University.

Analysts have said the sinking of the Sewol ferry in April 2014 that left 304 dead, most of them high school students, brought to the fore the depth of corruption in the country when an investigation uncovered incompetence and skirting of regulatory rules that led to the accident.

Both Lee and Park denied the charge, with Park claiming that Samsung voluntarily offered the money for good causes and Lee insisting that his firm gave the money without soliciting anything in return.

Despite minimal attendance and late submissions, Ms Chung received good marks, following a recently introduced internal regulation favouring the grades of students showing athletic or artistic ability.

Lee denies all charges, and Samsung denies wrongdoing.

"It's difficult to say that the dogs were abandoned when it seems they are being taken care of and fed properly, and will likely receive medical attention when they need it", said Lee Hyeongchan, a veterinarian-turned-lawyer.

In connection with the allegations, the investigators summoned former SK Group SUPEX Council Kim Chang-geun, Kim Young-tae and Lee Hyung-hee.

Park, South Korea's first democratically elected president to be removed from office, has been accused of colluding with a friend, Choi Soon-sil, to pressure big businesses to contribute to nonprofit foundations backing the president's initiatives. In particular, because there have been many protest signs belittling Park during the candlelight rallies, North Koreans have learned the true meaning of freedom of expression in South Korea.

Animal abandonment is punishable by a fine of up to 1 million won (£718) in South Korea. And the earlier the prosecution completes an investigation of Park, including personal questioning, the lesser impact it would have on the election.

Outrage after ousted South Korea leader leaves dogs at presidential palace