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Tillerson: Donald Trump looks forward to Xi Jinping visit

20 Marcha 2017

Trump and Tillerson have vowed to make a clear break from the policy of his predecessor, President Barack Obama, who pursued a policy of "strategic patience" to wait out the regime.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is welcomed by his Japanese counterpart Fumio Kishida at the Iikura Guesthouse in Tokyo, March 16, 2017.

Mr. Tillerson said both China and the United States felt "a certain sense of urgency" in trying to persuade Pyongyang to "make a course correction" and abandon its nuclear weapons program.

During his visit to South Korea on Friday, Tillerson had cautioned North Korea that all options are on the table to deal with Pyong- yang's provocative actions.

Van Jackson, an associate professor at the U.S. Defense Department's Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies in Honolulu, said the secretary of state's remarks highlighted the risk-fraught environment on the Korean Peninsula.

Since last year, some K-pop and K-drama stars have cancelled visits to China due to visa delays.

Kim Jong-un is arguably more blood-thirsty than his father or grandfather and seems more unhinged.

Regional satellite broadcasters have reportedly been ordered to suspend broadcasts of South Korean television dramas. Such tools are easily rejiggered to function as missiles. Beijing has created some 13 square kilometers (3,200 acres) of new land, according to the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative. The smart strategy would be an asymmetrical one.

"But obviously, if North Korea takes actions against South Korean forces or our own forces, then that will be met with an appropriate response".

"I had been preparing for since I got the invitation two years ago, but there was no word on why it was cancelled", Jo, a Grammy Award-winning soprano, said on Twitter.

People in India and Nepal celebrated Holi, the Hindu festival of colors.

Why is that important, you ask? In 2005, North Korea admitted that it was building nuclear weapons. North Korea's mid-range missiles aimed eastward have mostly fallen into the Sea of Japan, and one long-range missile aimed southward fell in the Pacific near the Philippines' Batanes Island. Instead, Chinese must seek visas individually.

Neither Tillerson nor Wang elaborated what steps are under consideration and it's still unclear whether Washington and Beijing see eye to eye on the issue.

She ended a 2009 visit to China by attending services at a state-sanctioned church, having a conversation with women's rights activists and doing a short Web chat. Some reports are describing, though, Tillerson as being more conciliatory towards China on this trip.

North Korea has conducted five nuclear tests and a series of missile launches, in defiance of U.N. sanctions, and is believed by experts and government officials to be working to develop nuclear-warhead missiles that could reach the United States.

"Certainly we don't want for things to get to a military conflict", he stated.

With quiet government urging, some schools have cancelled trips to China as a precaution.

While he agreed with Tillerson that such a scenario remained far off, if it were to happen at all, Jackson did not rule the possibility out. "We should properly handle and manage sensitive issues to promote the healthy and stable development of the Sino-US relationship", said Xi.

A video uploaded to YouTube on Monday showed what it said was a Chinese nightclub playing an anti-Korean video loop on four video monitors as people sat drinking.

The likelihood of a nuclear confrontation has just gone up considerably with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's bellicose rhetoric.

Tillerson: Donald Trump looks forward to Xi Jinping visit