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Casa » 17 confirmed dead in London tower inferno, figure 'likely to rise' - police

17 confirmed dead in London tower inferno, figure 'likely to rise' - police

15 Junio 2017

"It's impossible to comprehend the horror of what they've been going through". Another recommendation that fire safety regulations be reviewed - looking at the possibility that cladding could compromise the safety of a building - had "simply been put to one side", said Healey.

She added: "Who knows these buildings better than the people who live in them?"

"People were calm walking out but when they realised loved ones were missing or unaccounted then they started to panic".

"What it really needs now is for a very senior cabinet minister to show they are getting a grip on this and reassuring tenants in other tower blocks that they will get to the bottom of the problems", he said.

The raging fire at Grenfell Towers.

One user claimed at 4.12AM, 'WHERE ARE THE FIREFIGHTERS?

He said: "Over the course of the day hundreds and hundreds of people came through the doors yesterday". In 2009, a fire in the Lakanal House tower block in Camberwell killed six people and injured at least 20.

Another resident, named Zara, told LBC radio that she had seen a woman throw a child out of the window from the fifth or sixth floor.

Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy says senior officers are leading the investigation into the fire that devastated the 24-story Grenfell Tower public housing block. Each flat is like a concrete box which protects the inhabitants. Smoke inhalation is by far the biggest killer.

St. Clement's Notting Dale, a church near the tower, has turned into an informal center for people searching for friends and family.

She also praised the "incredible generosity" of volunteers offering their support to those affected.

Mrs May made the announcement after visiting emergency teams at the scene of the blaze in west London.

"We have heard a number of theories about the cause of the fire at Grenfell Tower", said the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the local authority which owns the block. The church is also serving lunch and dinner to survivors.

Witnesses said the flames spread quickly up the building as most residents slept, and photographs later on Wednesday showed an almost entirely blackened, smouldering shell. "We do believe that that number will sadly increase".

The queen's grandsons, Prince William and Prince Harry, along with William's wife Kate, donated to a relief fund organised by London's local Evening Standard newspaper.

Some parts of the tower were unsafe for firefighters to enter Thursday morning, so the fire department worked with structural engineers to shore it up so crews could conduct thorough searches for victims, Cotton said.

"There are times when all the words we can say are not adequate and sometimes words fail us because no words can do justice to how we feel, or what we have seen or what has happened".

Prime Minister Theresa May promised an investigation and visited the site on Thursday.