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NZ woman thrown by jet's blast on Caribbean island named

14 Julio 2017

A New Zealand tourist has been killed by the blast from a jetliner taking off at a seaside airport in the Dutch Caribbean territory of Sint Maarten, officials said.

Police identify a woman from New Zealand was hanging onto the fence to watch the plane when the jet blast so influential that it knocked her down and she died.

"This comes as a shock to the community of St. Maarten because this is the first time someone has died" participating in this activity, Rolando Brinson, the director of tourism for St. Maarten told ABC News.

St Maarten police said McEwan was one of several people holding on to the airport fence during the take-off of a large jet aircraft.

Brinson noted that the popular intersection of beach and runway have been around for 50 years, and that there are 16 signs up warning tourists of the potential danger caused by the planes.

"What happened is really sad", he said.

Planes approaching to land at the airport must pass very low over the beach, which is usually filled with tourists who come to experience the thrill of being "skimmed over" by a plane landing at the airport.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to The Herald that the agency was investigating "reports that a New Zealand citizen has passed away in St. Maarten".

The tourist was reportedly standing and holding on to the fence at the end of the runway, watching as the plane revved its engine in preparation for takeoff, according to TMZ.

The beach lies under the final approach to Princess Juliana Airport.

"Doing this is however extremely dangerous", the statement warns. Local police patrol the area at peak times advising people of the risk of the jet-blast.

The video below shows people standing behind a plane that is preparing for takeoff. I sense those that do it may not necessarily be aviation enthusiasts - they're seated at the bar with their beers and cameras.

NZ woman thrown by jet's blast on Caribbean island named