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Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) has Bixby in South Korea

14 Июля 2017

The good news is that you can now find out for yourself. Essentially the same design as the Galaxy S8, only bigger.

The Galaxy S8's most impressive feature is by far its screen. Therefore the company is planning to bring the phablet quickly to stay on the top.

Regardless of when Samsung unveils its smart speaker it will find a market that is increasingly getting crowded.

Recently, OnLeaks published images and renders of the alleged device as well.

As is traditional, Samsung will host an 'Unpacked' event to reveal its latest and greatest 'phablet'. However, there is no official confirmation from Samsung. Is that too long to wait? It's also powered by a slightly different chipset. It also feels a lot slimmer than you'd expect (given its 8mm thick) thanks largely to its tapered edges. While Apple is still one of the world's most profitable companies, it has faced declining revenues in recent quarters and the iPhone is their best-selling product.

Recall that the announcement of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be held at the end of this summer or the beginning of September on the show IFA in Berlin 2017. What changed is the color of the handset. This somewhat defeats the purpose of an edge-to-edge display. It is reported that both these phones might ship with dual cameras.

It's a great mid-range phone, but you'll notice that this category of smartphones is receiving features formerly reserved for premium devices. According to the reports which appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the smart speaker has been codenamed Vega. It may take that function online too, so you could search, for instance, for types of wine based on a picture you take of a wine bottle label.

Samsung's artificially intelligent assistant, Bixby, will obviously be available for Korean speakers, but whether an English or Chinese version of Bixby will be ready in time is not yet known. Samsung, it seems, wants to beat Apple to the punch, launching the Galaxy Note 8 before Apple launches its new iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) has Bixby in South Korea