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It's up to Rockets' brass to acquire Carmelo Anthony — James Harden

15 Julio 2017

Mills is back in the presidency role, and this time he has an experienced basketball personnel man by his side who wouldn't know the triangle if it hit him upside the head. He made a point of saying in his statement that he will "continue to not be involved in the operations of this team", which allows him to remain out of the media spotlight - which he may crave even more than his team having success. He absolutely could. It's an easy assumption that Anthony no longer wants to play in New York.

"I let the front office deal with that".

The Knicks were coming off the Eastern Conference's second seed and a 54-28 record.

It's not clear where the trade talks will go next, though it does seem clear that Carmelo Anthony won't be wearing a New York Knicks uniform this year.

The report added that Carmelo Anthony was "dismayed" at how the talks fell apart and didn't want a "messy divorce" from the dysfunctional franchise. They've already accomplished that by trading for Chris Paul, but Houston isn't done there. The Jazz also released Boris Diaw, whose 2017-18 salary would have been guaranteed Saturday. Now that they finally have control of all their draft picks moving forward, they have the opportunity to execute that plan. Maybe finalizing terms to hire Scott Perry will get the ball rolling, but for now, Anthony is left in limbo. He has averaged 9.3 points a game in his career.

The league announced Thursday the rosters for the Aug. 5 exhibition in Johannesburg. But, ultimately, Harden said acquiring Anthony would be up to the Rockets brass. Dieng was born in Senegal. "I can't imagine that after all he went through last season with Phil (Jackson) he's happy with this". Jackson was hired March 19, 2014 - Mills demoted to general manager after five months on the job.

BEDMINSTER, N.J. - Shanshan Feng had her best round in the U.S. Women's Open, and the first-round lead. Grunwald was too old-school.

Despite fears of protests, Day 1 was uneventful.

It was a disappointing turn of events for folks in Houston, as we were so close to putting together a Big Three of our own. The 6-foot-11 Kleber has played for the German national team in international competition. The worst thing one executive said about Perry is he "micromanages" too much.

It's up to Rockets' brass to acquire Carmelo Anthony — James Harden