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Spain's Royal Family Is In Britain For Tense Post-Referendum Visit — Brexit

15 Julio 2017

Felipe, addressing the UN in March, asked the U.K.to "end the colonial anachronism of Gibraltar with an agreed solution between both countries to restore the territorial integrity of Spain".

Rake the sand regularly to remove debris, clumps or other foreign material. She accessorized with a matching aquamarine tiara and necklace as she stood next to Queen Letizia, who went glam in a red off-the-shoulder gown and diamond tiara.

A Number 10 spokeswoman said the issue "didn't come up" and insisted Spain is "well aware" of Britain's position that the overseas territory's future is not up for discussion despite Madrid's claim on the Rock.

Beauty-wise, Letizia styled her long, glossy honey-hued hair up in a relaxed half up-do, leaving the rest of her hair to hang down in loose waves.

We deeply appreciate the significant contribution that Spain continues to make to this country and assure you of our enduring friendship in the future.

'Britain's longstanding relationship with Spain has been built over centuries on the deep and solid foundations of our shared history, values and interests, ' the Prime Minister said. In the times in which we live, territories cannot be traded from one monarch to another like pawns in a chess game.

The pair have two daughters together, Leonor and Sofia, born in 2005 and 2007.

They prompted a stinging rebuke from its chief minister Fabian Picardo, who called the comments "undemocratic" adding Gibraltar "will remain 100% British".

Although Article 50, launching the Brexit procedure, is yet to be triggered, Gibraltar has already embarked on an effort to convince the EU that the territory needs a special arrangement in the EU-UK divorce deal.

King Felipe's speech in the Palace of Westminster came as Gibraltar's flag flew outside in Parliament Square.

Princess Anne held a royal dinner to welcome the King and Queen.

"It wouldn't have justified storming out, although that was what we were talking about if he had gone further".

Felipe at 6ft 5in towered over the Queen and he kissed his distant relative on the cheek and hand when they met. A year later, the marriage ended in a divorce.

The King and Queen laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior as the Dean of Westminster, John Hall, said prayers.

The Queen and Prince Philip hosted the Spanish royals with Princes William and Harry, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Charles and Camilla.

Spain's Royal Family Is In Britain For Tense Post-Referendum Visit — Brexit