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Sinkhole stops growing after swallowing 2 houses

16 Julio 2017

Remediation was also done on the second home in February 2012.

The 200-foot sinkhole opened up within minutes in the Land O' Lakes neighborhood, north of Tampa Bay, swallowing a home at 21835 Ocean Pines Drive, according to WTVT-Fox13.

Guthrie said that the question of safety was under control and, although it had been a frightening experience for residents, it was now a question of trying to conserve property. "It is continuing to move". Their distribution in Florida is not random.

The movement has slowed down, Guthrie said. The sinkhole is still expanding and it's eating at a nearby roadway.

Some houses have also been evacuated in the area - Land O' Lakes - and power has also been cut off to more homes.

"We can't give a clear answer because this is Mother Nature", he said.

Authorities have not yet confirmed what caused the sinkhole.

A sinkhole is basically any hole in the ground that is created by erosion and drainage of water.

Earlier, a boat fell into the growing hole, officials reported. Firefighters arrived in time to rescue two dogs in the home. In 2016, 33 underpinnings were placed at one of the homes, costing $30,000.

Later in the evening, officials said it appeared that the hole had stopped growing, but rain in the future could change that. "We don't know if it will make another sharp direction", Sheriff Chris Nocco told CNN.

Affected residents piled their belongings into cars and rushed out of the neighborhood Friday morning.

"As we were walking around out there, you could feel that ground".

Guthrie said, "We're going to see more damage here".

Two Florida homes were swallowed Friday morning after a massive sinkhole opened up.

Sinkhole stops growing after swallowing 2 houses