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ISIL fighters executed by Haftar's forces in Libya

26 Julio 2017

Macron said Libya's UN-backed prime minister, Fayez al-Sarraj, and Khalifa Haftar - the military strongman whose forces control large tracts of land in the east of the country - had displayed "historic courage" at the talks outside Paris on Tuesday.

As reported by the Reuters news agency, al-Serraj and Haftar shook hands and smiled in front of the cameras.

The ceasefire does not cover efforts either by Haftar or Sarraj militias to counter terrorism, a phrasing that will leave both sides free to interpret legitimate targets.

The 10-point joint declaration that capped the talks was the first of its kind between the rivals.

Tensions have crept into diplomatic relations between France and the government of Paolo Gentiloni, prompted by Macron's response to Italian pleas for more European assistance with the mainly sub-Saharan migrants crossing the Mediterranean in record numbers and his largely uncoordinated diplomatic intervention this week in the Libya crisis.

They also agreed to work toward a roadmap to secure Libya against terrorism and trafficking. Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar emerged as the "clear winner" after the talks in Paris, an expert told Sputnik. But French diplomats had said before the meeting that they would support such an initiative.

"Sarraj and the entire UN-backed government are in a very, very weak position compared to the day on March 30, 2016 when they arrived in Tripoli".

Shocking video emerging from Libya shows the 18 men in orange jumpsuits having their brains blown out in summary executions. But Macron's position since hasn't changed much from Francois Hollande, his predecessor in the Elysee Palace, to the Italian government's rising anger.

Human Rights Watch have called for an investigation into the scenes and the dismissal of any personel involved.

In June, two further videos appeared to show executions carried out by LNA fighters on the senior officer's orders. Neither Serraj nor Hifter spoke to the press.

The newly appointed UN envoy for Libya, Ghassan Salamé, chaired the talks, but Macron made a statement at the end insisting that "civil war in Libya is not inevitable".

"The latest video, which was posted on social media this month, seems to shows LNA fighters kicking and taunting prisoners, while al-Werfalli is apparently heard accusing two men who have their hands tied behind their backs of belonging to terrorist groups", she said. The process was repeated until all the militants were dead, according to the Daily Mail.

ISIL fighters executed by Haftar's forces in Libya