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Three New Persona Spin Offs Games Are In The Making

03 Agosto 2017

It has been teased for the last week that there would be a number of new Persona games announced, but no one really expected what was announced today.

No further details surrounding the upcoming Persona spinoffs have been announced at this time in regards to a specific release date.

The Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb concert dropped some serious bombs on Persona fans. Both of the games do a great job of retaining the respective art styles from the entries they're pulling from, warping the gameplay to a rhythm-based one that will have you bobbing your head to both infectious soundtracks again. An official website for both games has been open. Atlus has expanded the idea of that game into Persona 3 and Persona 5. Sometimes the games don't relate in anything more than name and some main gameplay elements. There are two teasers out for each, and they both look rather great. From the third game, we see the protagonist, Junpei, Aigis, and Yukari busting some funky dance moves.

If that is true, Persona Q2 will likely be a first-person dungeon crawler too. The company is still tight lipped about this project as the site only features the Take Your Heart logo.

Atlus has revealed Persona Q2 and two new dancing games, but there's no sign yet of any kind of Persona 5 special edition. This game was mainly about fan service as the third and fourth game's cast finally met each other in some alternate universe.

Atlus, the video game developer, revealed the existence of the three new games earlier this week.

Three New Persona Spin Offs Games Are In The Making