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Houston native Beyonce planning to aid those hit by Harvey

30 Agosto 2017

Emergency management officials said the city had to weigh the scope of an evacuation for a metropolitan area with 6.8 million people, the forecast uncertainties of a sustained rain event and the possibility of creating more risk for residents ahead of Texas' most powerful hurricane in more than 50 years. About 5,000 were expected to be in the Houston Convention Centre. Areas of Southeast Texas have received about 40 inches of rain since the storm began.

Although the damage will be nothing compared to the destruction wrought in Texas, the storm has revived painful memories for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. She transferred law schools and ultimately met her husband in the Twin Cities, staying there ever since. The state's 11 oil refineries are responsible for fuel production and do not rely on outside facilities.

When he sees the destruction this week in Texas, though, he knows the community will rebuild. Oklahomans are no strangers to weather-related disasters, so we can empathize.

"Protecting the lives of our people is my highest priority", Trump said.

At Boeing Field on Wednesday Cathi Perez left with Wings of Rescue introduces Sandy from San Antonio who is one of more than 30 dogs flown to Seattle to make way for shelter space in Texas for Hurricane Harvey rescues. (Ken Lambert  The Seattle Time

He earlier assured that the provision of quick action by the government to provide relief for the areas devastated by the Hurricane Harvey.

President Donald Trump, addressing a crowd of people who had gathered outside a firehouse where he met with local officials in Corpus Christi, Texas, remarked on the size of the crowd as if he were at a rally. Watt, the fund organizer, set an original goal of $1 million, but has since changed that goal to $1.5 million.

Houston can expect two to four more inches of rain as the storm moves away, but flooded conditions will likely linger through the end of the week as the rainfall drains off, Holthaus said. It is already evident that Harvey is frustrating efforts to mitigate the storm's destruction, and combined with the inability to rescue everyone that needs to get to safety only adds to the frustration.

"Houston is sort of playing catch-up", says Philip Bedient at Rice University's Center for Severe Storm Prediction, Education and Evacuation in Houston. Not what's written on it, which is a simple USA in white print on a red background, with the Trump name on the back, but its marketing. Other states have done the same.

Houston native Beyonce planning to aid those hit by Harvey