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IOS 11 'golden master' leaks: new software, iPhone features revealed

11 Setiembre 2017

Investors will be looking for Apple to announce that the new iPhone will be available Sept. 22.

Apple is expected to reveal new iPhones at the event, along with a new premium model, said to be called the iPhone X.

The new feature of the Gmail iPhone app is set to provide more security to users. The security feature is intended to alert an iPhone user accessing Gmail of possible threats in links and websites they try to access.

"It appears that you can use Face ID to not only unlock your phone, but also use it to confirm purchases in iTunes and the App Store", the report added. Apple declined to comment for this article.

This year's launch marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

Apple's new headquarters in Cupertino, California, where the new iPhone will be launched on Tuesday 12th of September.

It looks as though the aluminium casing that has been a feature since iPhone 4 will also be replaced by a glass back, allowing Apple to increase the size of the iPhone X without increasing the footprint. "There is an economic reckoning that needs to be had with the ever-increasing costs of devices".

There is a chance that the rumour of a rogue employee could be misinformation deliberately created by Apple to shake-off attention around iPhone leaks, particularly as Tim Cook's crew have been reportedly clamping down on potential information leaks by employing investigators across the globe to prevent internal information reaching prying eyes and ears, as well as hunt down the source of leaks when they crop up. If you swipe up from the bottom of the screen you will see both the Control Panel options and the active apps. I imagine we will get a nice augmented reality demo using the iPhone 8 camera. Stay tuned to see what's coming from Apple this fall!

Few other big companies' fortunes are as tied to a single product line as Apple's are to the iPhone, which accounted for two-thirds of its $215.64 billion in sales last fiscal year. However, in all of the beta versions, this feature has not been available. Depending on the facial expression, the phone converts the expression into emoji.

Analysts believe the launch will help Apple overcome its growth problem of the past two years. Apple isn't going to be able to rest for a moment or they might watch their lead in smartwatch sales vanish.

Stroughton-Smith also revealed some details about Apple's oft-rumoured 4K Apple TV streaming box. Furthermore, the new iOS tool brings to Apple devices the security features that Google has rolled out in May for Android.

Apple always plans some sort of surprise.

This means it will cost more than 50% more than the current iPhone 7, although the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus models are expected to be significantly cheaper.

IOS 11 'golden master' leaks: new software, iPhone features revealed