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Android firsts, brought to you by Qualcomm

13 Setiembre 2017

According to the website technobuffalo, the telecommunications and designer company Qualcomm published a blog post throwing "some major shade" at Apple, by outlining a handful of Android functions that "pave the way for others to come", including iris authentication and facial recognition, OLED screen display and fast charging.

On the one hand, Qualcomm has a point, and I've argued myself that it is Android leading the way on leading-edge designs and technologies in mobile for a few years now. So this sudden display of admiration for Android just a day before the much-anticipated iPhone 8 reveal seem intentional. It then also says that in future too the iPhone and Apple will continue to be followers instead of leaders. This comes hours before the launch of the upcoming Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X.

It's particularly sneaky shade-throwing, especially since Apple is expected to debut the iPhone 8 on Sept. 12.

Also, Qualcomm supplies key technologies like radios and mobile processor to almost all Android phone makers and the success of Android directly boosts Qualcomm's fortunes.

Technobuffalo also indicated that Apple does not really care about being slow to embrace new technology features, as long as it is able to get them right.

In order to retain some part of the current licensing fees system, Qualcomm has sued Apple back in several domestic and international courts, going so far as to (unrealistically) seek various iPhone sales bans.

"We're working on inventing the next set of world firsts and collaborating with partners across the industry", said Qualcomm. Here's to the next generation of mobile device start-ups and innovators, competing to bring you the next wave of class-leading Android devices. So congratulations Qualcomm for many firsts that are marketing mirages and inconsistently offered in the market because they don't have staying power for the most part. But Qualcomm thinks that firsts, valuable or not, is what counts. This feature is already available in the Galaxy S8, notes Qualcomm. However, the list has been revised to remove HTC One M7 from the dual camera technology.

Then again, with Apple trying to destroy Qualcomm's business model worldwide, Qualcomm's bombastic attack on the iPhone prior to Apple's big event should be expected to some degree.

The new iPhone will grab the spotlight, but Apple's other moves are even more interesting.

But other facts in the list are hilariously wrong, making us question the research done for the whole list.