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Gov. Scott: There's 'devastation' in the Florida Keys

13 Setiembre 2017

Hurricane Irma has battered the Florida Keys, destroying roadways and isolating residents who didn't evacuate the string of islands, prompting one county's emergency management director to call the situation a possible "humanitarian crisis".

More than six million homes and businesses were still without power in Florida and nearby states Tuesday, down from a peak of about 7.4 million Monday. At least two dozen people died in the storm there and reports suggested nearly all buildings on some islands had been destroyed.

As Irma crossed into Georgia, the storm's tidal surge unleashed flooding in coastal communities.

As the weather began to clear in the Carolinas Tuesday morning, the dozens of cancellations across the board to and from Florida began to disappear at Charlotte Douglas International, where passengers finally boarded flights to get back to the Sunshine State. Two were moved to temporary housing and two chose to stay in a hotel, Stensland said. Due to the increase in wind shear will result in the weakening of hurricane Jose.

The Suomi NPP satellite captured this photo of Hurricane Irma over Florida at 3:10 a.m. EDT on Sept. 11, 2017.

The city is bracing for more trouble with strong winds from Tropical Storm Irma.

The Keys are linked by 42 bridges that have to be checked for safety before motorists can be allowed in, officials said.

On the west coast of Florida, drone footage from Naples, a town on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico about 200km to the north-west, shows rows of shattered suburban homes on streets under water.

In the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, more than one million people were left without power after the storm.

South believes the hardest hit areas will be between Big Coppitt Key and Marathon with the brunt focused on the island of Big Pine Key. The sheriff's office said it hopes "people who had their lives saved yesterday will take evacuation orders seriously in the future". It has weakened into a post-tropical cyclone and was expected to further fizzle out throughout the day, bringing "generally moderate rain" to a wide area of the Southeast and Tennessee and Ohio valleys, according to the National Weather Service.

Journalists covering the storm shared images and video that showed the power of these winds.

Gov. Scott: There's 'devastation' in the Florida Keys