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IPhone X: 8 New Features You'll Love & 3 You'll Hate

13 Setiembre 2017

Spectators will be able to hold the phone up over the field and access the stats of the players on the diamond.

Apple Inc on Tuesday rolled out its much-anticipated iPhone X, a redesigned product of glass and stainless steel with an edge-to-edge display that Apple chief executive Tim Cook called "the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone". The screen resolution of the iPhone 8 is 1334 x 750, and the iPhone 8 Plus with a screen sharpness of 1920 x 1080.

So it was only befitting this was the occasion chosen to announce the Apple iPhone X, pronounced the iPhone ten. However, there's not a lot of video in 4K and HDR yet, nor are there many TVs that can display it. Front-facing cameras and sensors create a map of your face to determine if you are the phone's proper owner. The new phones promise to shoot pictures with better colors and less distortion, particularly in low-light settings. The iPhone X now stands as the costliest phone ever from Apple, with prices upwards of $999.

Last year Apple came for our headphone jack and we survived, but this year Apple is coming for your home button and with it Touch ID.

Apple spent a significant amount of time hyping up its 12-megapixel dual cameras with image stabilization.

The camera, together with the iOS built-in augmented reality compatibility, provides the user with a new experience: the integration of the real and virtual worlds.

You can pre-order on Oct. 27 over the website and shipping starts on Nov. 3. "The ship date likely won't have a material impact on the number of units sold, but will push some unit sales into the March quarter".

During the launch, company CEO Tim Cook talked about the history of the campus in Cupertino, California.

The new iPhones are being launched as smartphone penetration has plateaued in Ireland and Europe.

The company also teased a new Apple TV ($149) with support for 4K video streaming and a revamped the user interface.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus both support wireless charging for the first time, as well as improved cameras and processors, while the X is the company's first edge-to-edge screen and facial recognition technology. The Series 3 model will also have Apple Music available through cellular service. The group announced the feature at its new conference. It sets a new price threshold for any smartphone intended to appeal to a mass market. "These technologies solidify the platform on which Apple will retain and grow its user base for the next decade". Your carrier is at the ready to take a little more money from you every month for that feature, too.

The iPhone 8 Plus will use the Qi charging standard. Analysts liked what they saw of iOS 11 then, and called out several important additions, including the new Files app, that they believed would make Apple's tablet a stronger PC alternative.

iPhone X: The new device features A11 Bionic which comes with a six-core CPU design with two performance cores that are 25 per cent faster than the A10 Fusion, and four efficiency cores that are 70 per cent faster, offering energy efficiency which will give customers more power while lasting two hours longer than iPhone 7.

IPhone X: 8 New Features You'll Love & 3 You'll Hate