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Windows 10 VDI, third-party tools help boost the OS

13 Setiembre 2017

For now, the app is available to use only for so-called "Windows Insiders", members of Microsoft's Insider Programme, as they are currently already using the prerequisite Windows update.

Gamers in particular have been among the most stubborn holdouts for the older Windows 7 - in part over compatibility concerns but also because of performance worries.

Given that the patch was recently released, it remains to be seen whether it worked or not. In fact, no amount of hardware seems to solve stuttering and framerate drops. Going forward, large organizations will likely continue to rely on their independent software vendor and integration partners for help in these initiatives.

Microsoft quickly announced that it was aware of the issue, and it is now saying that it has been fixed. The tab preview was displaying PDFs as just black and white stripes, the Find function and URL address bar were broken, Ctrl+ Click on a link in PDF didn't open a new tab, and the 'Open with previous pages' feature didn't work in some cases.

The mobile Build 1520 brings two-factor authentication to Windows 10 Mobile, which will allow enterprises to require users to have, say, an approved NFC tag as well as know the passcode. Users would want to see Windows 10 Mobile evolve with more consumer-oriented features and maybe this would be a better strategy.

AppLocker Improvements: A number of customers have provided feedback on the warning prompts for apps that are blocked by enterprise policies.

Microsoft has confirmed that it's developing a fix to reported performance issues on Windows 10 devices running the Creators Update. We are bringing a range of improvements and features that enhance the reliability of VPN on Windows 10 Mobile.

For the upcoming operating system update, Windows Defender ATP will offer several enhancements, including improved support for non-persistent virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) systems and the ability for IT security personnel to remotely trigger a Windows Defender Antivirus scan on system to aid in their incident investigations and remediation processes.

Windows 10 VDI, third-party tools help boost the OS