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Suu Kyi to miss UN Assembly to deal with crisis

17 Setiembre 2017

According to the Bangladesh government, around 3,000 Rohingya have been killed in the crackdown.

About 40 per cent of the total Rohingya population living in the Rakhine State of Myanmar has now fled to Bangladesh, the UN has said.

"Action Against Hunger UK, ActionAid UK, Christian Aid, Save the Children UK and the International Rescue Committee UK strongly condemn the attacks carried out on 25 August".

The Bangladesh government has set up a temporary refuge for the new influx of refugees and Rohingyas found elsewhere are being transferred to the new settlements.

While "the true number of fires and extent of property destruction is likely to be much higher", Amnesty also says that satellite images form mixed ethnic areas show that non-Rohingya areas "appear to have been left untouched". However, the government later clarified that the Centre was still finalising its affidavit, and the draft version was circulated wrongly.

So the lead is that a predominantly Muslim country is coming to the defense of other Muslims.

Following the discussions, the council "expressed concern about reports of excessive violence during the security operations and called for immediate steps to end the violence in Rakhine, de-escalate the situation, re-establish law and order, ensure the protection of civilians. and resolve the refugee problem".

Myanmar's envoy to the UN had blamed Rohingya insurgents for the violence in Rakhine state and said that his country would never tolerate such atrocities.

Some 379,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar's troubled Rakhine state for Bangladesh since new violence erupted last month, the United Nations said on Wednesday.

It was also to send a strong message against the Myanmar government's treatment of the mostly Muslim minority Rohingya.

"The 'Operation Insaniyat' is launched to help those are in need, according to which, the relief material will be delivered in multiple consignments, the first tranche of which will be brought to Chittagong by an Indian Air Force plane on September 14", a press statement read.

And the numbers are likely to grow, Mr. Boulierac said.

Fellow Nobel laureates, including the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Malala Yousafzai, had called on Suu Kyi to stop the violence.

Smoke was rising from at least five places on the Myanmar side of the border on Thursday, a Reuters reporter in Bangladesh said.

Suu Kyi to miss UN Assembly to deal with crisis