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Casa » No terror ties identified for France knife attacker until date: prosecutor

No terror ties identified for France knife attacker until date: prosecutor

04 Октября 2017

France remains in a state of emergency due to repeated terror attacks and the man, who was described as "dressed in black", was gunned down and killed by security forces.

A man with a knife attacked people at the main train station in the southeastern French city of Marseille on Sunday, killing two women before soldiers fatally shot the assailant, officials said.

"He attacked a woman who was sitting 5-6 meters away from me.it felt like a nightmare. and then started shouting 'Allahu Akbar' - 'god is great, '" one French eyewitness said.

The man who was later shot dead by soldiers shouted "Allahu akbar", according to witnesses cited by France's Minister of the Interior.

French counterterrorism authorities are investigating the attack Sunday at the main Marseille train station and any possible links to Islamic extremism.

"I was on the esplanade just in front of the station", Melanie Petit, an 18-year-old student, told AFP.

In a tweet, he paid tribute to the French soldiers who responded "with cool heads and efficiency". According to Prosecutor Molins the attacker was unemployed, divorced and a history of taking hard drugs. Most have been claimed by Islamic extremists.

Three police officials said one woman was stabbed to death.

The Paris prosecutor's office, which handles terrorism cases nationwide, after the incident, said that it had opened a terrorism investigation, adding that the assailant's motives were not entirely clear.

Clarke said the attacks, however deadly, suggest ISIS' capabilities have been degraded from the large, complex operations like Paris in November 2015 or Brussels in March 2015.

English edition of Asharq Al-Awsat - the world's premier pan-Arab daily. The attack interrupted train service and unnerved the country as it debated the government's new security bill.

In August, a man driving a van killed one person and seriously injured another after ploughing into a bus stop in Marseille, raising fears of another terror incident.

Regional politicians are also expected to attend the scene during the afternoon. The attacker was killed by soldiers after the stabbing.

The Foreign Ministry, at the end of the statement, affirmed Egypt's solidarity with France against terrorism.

No terror ties identified for France knife attacker until date: prosecutor