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Casa » Model cites Kaepernick's treatment as reason for leaking video of Dolphins coach

Model cites Kaepernick's treatment as reason for leaking video of Dolphins coach

12 Octubre 2017

She said she was dating Foerster and that they had gotten together multiple times, with Foerster even inviting her to the Dolphins' Oct. 1 game in London.

A model who posted the video of a former Miami Dolphins offensive line coach snorting a white substance spoke to a local radio station for the first time since the scandal.

It went viral, and Foerster resigned on Monday.

Furthermore, Nig'e said she believes if Foerster were black, he would've been fired instead of being allowed to resign. "I just felt like I had to sleep with one eye open after that".

It's unclear when or where the 56-second video was made, or how it became public. Gase explained it was a tough situation because he had grown close to Foerster.

The video showed the longtime National Football League coach inhaling a white substance through a rolled up $20 bill. "After speaking with Chris this morning, he accepted full responsibility and we accepted his resignation effective immediately". "The only thing he can do to get better from it and to get the help that he needs so he can get back on the right track". Sherrod said she has more damaging video and pictures ("It's just the tip of the iceberg", she said).

"I don't think I can say what my reaction was", Gase said.

Along with hiring Foerster's replacement on the coaching staff, Gase has spent the week putting out fires, including a new one Nige sparked Wednesday when she went on the radio.

When Gase met with reporters Monday, he had not yet spoken with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross about the organization's latest embarrassing episode.

"Yeah, that's a positive that's come out of this, somebody who hasn't really been here", Gase said. "But you've got to take the next step and move on".

Gase said he has known Foerster since 2008, when both were assistants with the San Francisco 49ers.

DeGuglielmo was hired Wednesday as a senior offensive assistant, returning to the Dolphins after serving as offensive line coach from 2009-11.

The 33-year-old admitted that she's baffled as to why a guy would jeopardize a plum gig by sending her the unsolicited video in the first place, although it sounds like Foerster regretted sending the film nearly immediately.

"How do we have someone that is getting paid millions to be a leader for a team, you know what I'm saying, doing blow when we can't have ... people kneeling for the anthem?" I saw no signs of it happening.

Model cites Kaepernick's treatment as reason for leaking video of Dolphins coach