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Casa » Windows 10 update sends some PCs into a BSOD boot loop

Windows 10 update sends some PCs into a BSOD boot loop

12 Octubre 2017

The fact both of these software releases are no longer being supported on the same day isn't a coincidence.

"Microsoft, as all companies do, decided on a change in strategy and so they are less focused on what they thought they would be focused on today", said Nick Lazaridis, the head of HP EMEA, in an interview with The Register. For machines with Xeon processors with more than four cores, there could be a price increase of roughly $230 per operating system, I was told.

While Microsoft's Windows Phone has been on life support for several years now, the company this week formally acknowledged the death of the marginally-popular handset.

Going forward, Microsoft will also stop putting its focus on building new features and hardware for its Windows 10 Mobile operating system, according to Belfiore, a corporate vice president in the company's Operating Systems Group.

The aim of the Fluent Design System is to provide app and OS interfaces that are more visually appealing and intuitive. But if they were approved, and distributed, and download [ed], and installed at the SAME time as the full patch, then you are affected.

This morning, we had a really fun 300-level session where all of us got on stage and had a chance to engage in conversation with you.

To modernize apps for the workplace, the SDK enables developers to create and update existing apps with Visual Studio 2017 version 15.4, integration of.NET Standard 2.0, and an improved Windows 10 deployment system.

Another site, DeploymentBunny.com, has some additional options for those who can't reboot after both the Cumulative and Delta updates were applied together. Microsoft releases regular patches on Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of every month, and we've reached that time of the month again.

WSUS users may have confused the Delta Updates with "Express Updates", which just deliver the changed bits, or "deltas", as described in this TechNet document. Application restrictions can be configured by either the ApplicationManagement CSP or AppLocker CSP. The company never confirmed as to when the browser will be migrated to the Microsoft Store, it was supposed to arrive soon and since then Microsoft hasn't revealed any details about its plan.

Windows 10 update sends some PCs into a BSOD boot loop