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US flies strategic bombers over Korean peninsula

13 Octubre 2017

"With his belligerent and mad address to the UN, it can be said that Trump has lit the fuse of war against us", Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho told Russia's state news agency during an interview in Pyongyang yesterday.

Rhee, currently a member of the National Assembly's committee for national defence, said about 80 percent of the hacked data has not yet been identified, but that none of the information was expected to have compromised the South Korean military as it was not top classified intelligence.

Two-thirds of Americans said they are very or extremely concerned about the threat North Korea's nuclear weapons program poses to the US.

Senior diplomats of South Korea and the United States will hold a vice-ministerial strategic dialogue next week in Seoul, South Korea's foreign ministry said Wednesday. Ri added that North Korea's "army and people are persistently demanding to settle the final score with the Americans with a fiery hail, not words".

When Kaesong was shut down in 2016, the conservative government of then President Park Geun-hye claimed 70% of the $100 million in wages paid each year, which was given directly to the government in Pyongyang to distribute to the workers, was diverted to finance the North's illicit nuclear weapons program.

Some of the hacked data addressed how to identify movements of members of the North Korean leadership, how to seal off their hiding locations, attack from the air before eliminating them, the lawmaker had said.

"In this case, the delivery of safe and reliable energy has not been affected, and there has been no operational impact to facilities or to the systems controlling the North American energy grid".

Private electric companies in the US were targeted by suspected North Korean hackers last month.

North Korean state media reports on the topic of the United States normally include references to the complete destruction of it and its allies. "What we now need to see is 'chapter two' [toward a resolution of North Korean nuclear issue]", he continued.

After entering South Korean airspace, the two bombers carried out air-to-ground missile drills in waters off the east coast of South Korea, then flew over the South to waters between it and China to repeat the drill, the release said.

The Pacific Air Force said the bombers, assigned to the 37th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron, also trained with Japanese fighter jets on Tuesday, "making this the first time" the Lancers have conducted combined training with the allied nations at night.

"The current situation - when the US resorts to maximum pressure and sanctions, to outrageous military threats against the DPRK - is not at all an atmosphere to negotiate", Ri said, according to TASS. IBTimes UK has reached out to FireEye for further clarity on the campaign and is awaiting a response.

US flies strategic bombers over Korean peninsula