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Maduro's popularity increases, opposition expected to make gains in regional elections — Venezuela

14 Octubre 2017

"The decisions taken by this tribunal will be executable, but what's really complicated here is that the Venezuelan dictatorship will not allow [the tribunal] to adopt its rulings in the country".

Now the Kremlin may be hedging its bets by establishing links to the opposition that's challenging Maduro's socialist regime.

"The real test will come after the election as the government will either face a very different map with at least half of the governorships in the hands of the opposition, or will have to carry out some inelegant political maneuvers that will likely carry significant political costs", said Smilde. The Venezuelan government is under pressure to meet debt commitments including more than $2 billion in bond payments by November 2, while Russia is in talks on restructuring bilateral loans. Since then, the AN and TSJ have repeatedly butted heads, with the courts striking down most major pieces of opposition legislation.

Lack of political confidence among opposition supporters and the mass mobilization of Chavista voters will be decisive factors on Oct. 15. The special presidential election was convened shortly after the death of Hugo Chavez and Maduro was running a tight race with opposition candidate Henrique Capriles.

"If they hold a semi-legitimate election that leads to opposition figures taking their position in governorships, it will inevitably reduce the resonance of the term 'dictatorship' when applied to Venezuela", he said.

Borges's trip seeks to shore up international support for congress, which Maduro has tried to supersede entirely by installing the legislative super body, according to Elsa Cardozo, professor of international relations at the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas.

Many opponents of the government doubt the country's elections authorities can ensure accurate vote counts.

"The prosecutors in Colombia with me ... have been meeting with prosecutors from the US and some other countries to exchange information", Ortega told reporters after meeting United Nations rights boss Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein in Geneva. “We have vanquished them before and we will vanquish them again. "He asked for a large sum for the time".

Saab said that they are also processing a red alert for the capture of Germán Ferrer, the husband of the dissident attorney general. SHE said her team had supplied the US with evidence "compromising" top officials in the leftist administration of President Nicolas Maduro. First of all, the humanitarian issue for Venezuela and the Venezuelans. The association of more than 170 parliaments around the world, which is holding a congress in Russia's former imperial capital, didn't respond to a request for comment. GDP is projected to contract 7.4 percent this year.

Since the disputed July vote, a rising number of foreign leaders have begun calling Venezuela a dictatorship.

Maduro's popularity increases, opposition expected to make gains in regional elections — Venezuela