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'Premature speculation' - IOC on reports of Russian anthem ban

07 Noviembre 2017

The IOC has said it would decide during its executive board meeting next month on the participation of Russian competitors at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in February. The title was chosen to complement the Games slogan "Passion". The contrasting metal grey was chosen to complement the bold and bright red and is one of the top trending colours for outdoor clothing.

"Our national team has received an invitation to take a part in the 2018 Games and is currently preparing for the tournament".

Lim was unable to attend the appointment ceremony in Seoul for personal reasons.

A ceremony to mark this took place on Saturday last (November 4) at the venue for Opening and Closing Ceremonies at Daegwallyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun county, in Gangwon-do province.

"Koreans are known to be last-minute buyers", said Nancy Park, a spokeswoman for the group that is responsible for organizing the Pyeongchang Games, in response to questions about why only 341,327 of 1.07 million tickets had been sold so far. It amounts to more than 87,000 people - around 56,000 during the Olympic Games and 31,000 during the Paralympic Games.

"The Passion Crew are a very important element of the Games - they will provide service and support across all functional areas, and also help us connect to the general public and be the face of the Games at many locations".

The numbers for the Paralympics, which will take place in Pyeongchang from March 9 to 18, were even worse.

"Filling the stadiums is the goal and challenge of every organizing committee", said Park, the spokeswoman. Seven sports comprising 15 disciplines will be on the official program.

News reports from South Korea indicated that regional government offices have been allocating more funds to buy blocks of tickets, with plans to distribute them to schools, disadvantaged families and other groups. Red was chosen as the main colour, to give it a festive feel, but also representing one of the main colours in the national flag.

And specifically within South Korea, she suggested, people have been largely inured to the threatening rhetoric from their northern neighbors.

If the Pyeongchang organizers cannot fully overcome their ticket sales challenge over the next couple of months, U.S. officials might have a solution. I.O.C. Weighing Possible Penalties, ' in which the outlet reported on possible penalties against Russia at the 2018 Olympics, citing "several people with knowledge of the deliberations".

'Premature speculation' - IOC on reports of Russian anthem ban