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Atlético Madrid: Griezmann should leave in January

20 Noviembre 2017

It was explained, by El Confidencial and others, that Greizmann's summer of flirting with Manchester United hadn't exactly endeared him to Atletico fans.

Atletico Madrid ace Antoine Griezmann is pleased about contact with Barcelona.

United are also planning on signing Spurs defender Danny Rose this winter. When with 15 minutes to go he turned to his assistant, Germán 'Mono' Burgos, and told him they were going to take off Griezmann and Correa for Fernando Torres and Kevin Gameiro, 'El Cholo' made it clear that this time, if he was to die at the hands of Los Merengues, it would - as we like to say in Spanish - be with an arrow in his chest, not in his arse. Real clearly have quality in abundance but they're just not clicking at the moment, with Karim Benzema's ongoing poor form - and not just in front of goal - seeing many of their phases of possession break down tamely when they approach the opposition penalty area. However, the third time might be the charm for the Old Trafford outfit.

Did he really deserve to be booed off the field? An attacking change. A declaration of intent in the opposite direction to what we're used to from the Argentine coach. It resulted in the Frenchman staying put out of loyalty, knowing they wouldn't be able to register a replacement for him. Whatever Manchester United, or anything suitor, will bid for Bale will likely be higher than that figure.

The Sunday Star report that Mourinho may yet stay at Old Trafford beyond his current three year deal.

Paper Round's view: The back-and-forth between United and Mourinho over any new contract is probably less to do with PSG being a serious option for the Portuguese manager, and more a bout of grandstanding as both parties attempt to get their best possible deal.

His release clause remains at the £86m United were prepared to pay but it is understood a lower fee was discussed at the get together.

Atlético Madrid: Griezmann should leave in January