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Nokia 9 to Launch with Nokia 8 (2018) on January 19

07 Diciembre 2017

That's according to MyDrivers, which adds that it will apparently cost 3,699 yuan (roughly $560/£415/AU$735) for a 64GB model and 4,199 yuan (around $635/£470/AU$835) for a 128GB version, both of which supposedly come with 6GB of RAM. Its not impossible – the original Pixels got Treble (of course), but so did the Essential Phone along with the Huawei Honor 9 and Honor 8 Pro. A new report from China claims that the Nokia 9 and a new iteration of the Nokia 8, named Nokia 8 (2018) will be launched on the 19th of January.

It has been confirmed, by the Chief Product Officer of HMD Global, that the Nokia 3 will skip Nougat and will directly jump on board the Oreo train. On the camera front, the Nokia 9 and Nokia 8 (2018) are expected to feature a dual camera setup and IP67 certification, which will protect the phones from both water and dust protection.

The smartphone is expected to have USB Type-C port and is likely to run Android Oreo out-of-the-box.

That's about the pricing details of the Nokia 9. Well, makers will have a much easier time porting new versions of Android to their phones with Treble in place.

The device will be powered by Qualcomm's flagship Snapdragon 835. The camera will have 4K shooting capability and at least of the modules will feature a 12Megapixel unit.

Alongside the launch date and images of the Nokia 9, some of the specs and also the price of the phone have been leaked online.

So far, it seems like Nokia will not be jumping bezel-less display wagon however, the phone might come with slimmer bezels than usual.

Soon after HMD Global announced the Nokia 8 earlier this year, a company executive confirmed the existence of the Nokia 9.

Nokia 9 to Launch with Nokia 8 (2018) on January 19