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Local congressional lawmakers vote to impeach Trump

08 Diciembre 2017

Voting prematurely forces Democrats facing re-election in tough districts to go on the record about their desire to impeach Trump, leaving them with a sort of Catch-22: If they vote to kill the resolution, they risk alienating the blue half of their voters; if they vote to proceed, they risk alienating the other half. Only 58 Democrats supported the proposal while the others believed that it was a distraction in a Republican-controlled Congress.

Al Green of Texas will force a vote in the House on Wednesday to impeach President Donald Trump, he told colleagues in a letter Tuesday.

Lawmakers are allowed under House rules to offer "privileged" motions on impeachment.

That means the actual question of impeachment wouldn't get a vote, according to NPR. The articles of impeachment he brought against Trump in October accused the president of "fueling an alt-right hate machine" that's "causing immediate injury to American society".

Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, the House Minority Leader and Democratic Whip, said it's not the time to consider impeachment. It does detail Trump's dalliances with the far right - including his failure to quickly denounce the white-nationalist marchers in Charlottesville - and his recent tweeting of anti-Muslim videos circulated by a British extremist group, as well as public acts and statements denigrating various groups and individuals.

"We ought to let Mr. Mueller complete his full investigation rather than engage in what would essentially be a public relations stunt", said Rep. Dan Kildee (D-Mich). "In doing this, hatred disguised as acceptable political correctness has festered in our body politic and polluted our discourse to our detriment". It is not about Republicans, it is about the fate of our Republic.

While virtually all Republicans and many Democrats are expected to vote to table Green's resolution, a few Democrats said Wednesday they will vote for Green's measure.

Local congressional lawmakers vote to impeach Trump