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Kudos to Our Saviors in Alabama

18 Diciembre 2017

This dominated the news until the Alabama election took over.

But given its unique circumstances, one should err on the side of caution when considering this a huge victory for Democrats, and in particular, for future races.

Just hours later, deep red Alabama voted against a deeply damaged Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, giving heart to Texas Democrats who predict an anti-Trump wave also will help lift their lagging fortunes.

But it was the results in Alabama that really got the party dancing a jig. Jones, who faced Republican Roy Moore in the Alabama race, echoed comments made by the Trump administration that the voters have spoken. Trump then directed the Republican National Committee, which had pulled resources from the state, to dive back in and support Moore.

It's still a beyond-uphill fight for Democrats when it comes to statewide elections - they haven't won such a victory in Texas in more than two decades. The scene takes place in Rick's Cafe Americain in the movie "Casablanca". I'm talking about a God whose spirit burned bright in the hundreds of thousands of citizens who pulled us back from the amoral abyss Tuesday night. It was this utilitarian argument for Moore that was fronted by Trump and Bannon.

"SNL" repeatedly poked fun Alabama and especially Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore in recent weeks.

But one swallow a congressional landslide may not make. He was twice removed from the bench for breaking the law, the second time for ordering Alabama's equivalent of our clerks of court not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The Democrats will, for instance, be defending no fewer than ten seats in states that voted for Trump last year. Exit polls suggest black voters cast about 30 percent of 1.35 million ballots, despite being just 25 percent of the eligible electorate. It keeps going up. We'll see how things go.

In Alabama, he said, an admittedly "terrible candidate" lost by a hair.

Watch at the 7:40 mark to hear Jones's response to the calls for Trump's resignation. It's been a privilege over the past year and a half to occupy this corner, where I could do my bit for the inspirational resistance and the needed reconstruction to come. That would be Janet Yellen, the outgoing Federal Reserve chief. Still does. Confederate monuments are his civic centerfolds, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin his post-Confederate heroes. If you have any doubts, look to the White House as every Republican wiseguy's North Star.

Women. There's no way of knowing whether they were turned off by Moore's cruising of teens, or his stated belief that America would be better off without the constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote, or his belief that Muslims shouldn't serve in government, or his belief that America is evil because it allows gay marriage, or his alliance with a "president" who's accused of harassment by at least 16 women.

More howls from you. And profit-gluttons who have no concern for consumer safety or protection. Indeed, among mothers with children under 18, Jones won by 34 points, 66 to 32.

Cutting taxes, gutting regulations.

That is why the Democrats should temper their excitement.

There were left-wing bitter-enders who chose to breathe the fumes of Ralph Nader and Jill Stein by choosing to blind themselves to the stark differences between the prosecutor of two Klansmen who blew up Birmingham's 16 Street Baptist Church and the predator who cruised the Gadsden Mall hunting for young flesh.

Kudos to Our Saviors in Alabama