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Obama: "Go keep changing the world in 2018"

31 Diciembre 2017

"It's cool. At the end of the day that's an honor that that would fly across one of our former President's radar", Long said after practice Friday in the NovaCare Complex locker room. Trump didn't make that list with any of his tweets.

Long said he has not thought about making a career in politics, although he does spend a lot of time thinking about politics.

His decision began with the idea to donate his first six game checks to fund scholarships for students who live in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia.

He started the thread by saying: "As we count down to the new year, we get to reflect and prepare for what's ahead". The Chris Long Foundation has been active in veterans' causes, aiding the homeless and building drinking water wells in Africa.

"I've been lucky", Long said. I've been humbled by the opportunity to just be able to continue to play football for a living. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is pining for more of the "good old global warming".

Long used his first six game checks for the 2017 season to fund two seven-year scholarships to a school in his hometown of Charlottesville, Va. He's giving his final 10 checks from the regular season to four non-profit organizations that provide education opportunities to children in St. Louis, Boston and Philadelphia. "The fans getting behind it and matching my donation kind of proves that point that when we all work together, there's a lot we can improve".

Over the course of five tweets, the former US president shared several inspirational stories from 2017.

"But then it's important for them to get offline, meet in a pub, meet at a place of worship, meet in a neighborhood, and get to know each other", he continued.

"For all the bad news that seemed to dominate our collective consciousness, there are countless stories from this year that remind us what's best about America", Obama wrote.