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Saban has no plans to retire soon — CFB notebook

13 Enero 2018

I couldn't help for a few moments but think that Ole Miss had beaten Alabama yet again. Many have argued that the Crimson Tide should not have even been selected to the four-team playoff, advocating for Ohio State, Southern California or even UCF instead.

What was Saban thinking as the winning pass soared this time?

First-year student Logan Rossiter said Saban benching Hurts adds to Saban's already impressive resume. A lot of heart and soul.

Georgia fans are certainly feeling the heartbreak. Tagovailoa's performance as a rookie - one who played mostly garbage time during the regular season - will earn a spot in Alabama history.

The president was shown attempting to sing along with the anthem, but at the moment he was on screen he was hitting every third or fourth word. Tua Tagovailoa took over. On their 20 three plays later, Bulldogs quarterback Jake Fromm launched a beautiful, arching pass that Mecole Hardman run under without breaking stride for a dramatic, 80-yard touchdown to go up 20-7 and dramatically answer Alabama's score. "When we grew up, they were the thing".

This unfortunately separates them from the conference champions and teams of the SEC, PAC 12, Big Ten, ACC and BIG 12. He finished 14 of 24 for 166 yards.

In the end, it was simple. Saban didn't see Hurts providing it, at least not through the air.

For the 2017 University of Alabama football season, TideSports intern Terrin Waack has provided select stellar stats, obscure facts and notable quotes from the most recent game to show how the Crimson Tide uses "The Process" against its opponents.

"He was going to step in and do his thing", Hurts said of Tagovailoa after the game. Ed Johnson of GooRoo's Grill in Robertsdale had a little trouble talking from all of the yelling he did during the game. Just a great win. I'm just happy. Roll Tide everybody. Saban is now tied with legendary coach Paul 'Bear' Bryant for the most national championships all-time.

Georgia outgained Alabama 223 yards to 94 in the first half and led 13-0 on wide receiver Hardman's 1-yard sweep on a direct snap with seven seconds left before intermission. But until the CFP eventually expands to eight teams, the word "IF" will always be associated with the process.

"I don't know how Coach Saban found me all the way in Hawaii from Alabama", Tagovailoa said.

This kid may throw a half-dozen interceptions and be benched before he ever throws another touchdown pass, but somehow I doubt that and regardless, he won much more than a national championship and a likely starting quarterback job with his heroics Monday night.

Considering Saban captured his fifth national championship at Alabama and sixth of his career on Monday, it's safe to say that the 66-year-old is continuing to get results. Remember when Les Miles stood pat amidst the carnage and Lee never budged from the bench? The SEC also had two teams featured in the 2011 season finale, when Alabama defeated Louisiana State in the BCS title game.

In a world today filled with arrogance and entitlement, that was refreshing.

His athleticism is there.

There are a handful of juniors who have a decision to make too.

With much of the country plunged in a deep freeze, the evening newscasts benefited with more viewers.

"First and foremost, I'd just like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ".

When asked what he told Tagovailoa after that first touchdown, he said he told him he was built for this.

Georgia's defense got a huge sack of Tagovailoa on Alabama's first play of its overtime possession.

Saban has no plans to retire soon — CFB notebook