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Chelsea Manning Has Filed To Run For The US Senate In Maryland

16 Enero 2018

WASHINGTON-Chelsea Manning, the former Army private convicted of disclosing classified information, has filed to run for Senate in Maryland, according to federal election filings.

Manning, who was found guilty of leaking more than 700,000 government files to WikiLeaks in 2013, would face Sen. She will run as a Democrat. 1st Class Bradley Manning, a U.S. military intelligence analyst.

When Ms Manning was released last May, she told The Associated Press in an email she was eager to define her future, but made no mention of politics.

Former president Barack Obama granted her clemency before leaving office last year.

She is at least the fourth candidate lined up to unseat Cardin, according to state election records, but by far the most well known.

Without mentioning Manning, Sue Walitsky, Cardin's spokeswoman, said: "Senator Cardin is looking forward to a vigorous debate of the issues and a robust conversation with Maryland voters".

In September, she spoke at the annual Nantucket Project conference - a venture founded to bring together creative thinkers to uncover ideas.

Cardin, the incumbent senator Manning is challenging, has been a U.S. senator since 2006.

Obama's decision to commute Manning's sentence to about seven years drew strong criticism from members of Congress and others, with Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan calling the move "just outrageous". The general election is Nov. 6.

The day after Manning filed her candidacy, the television network Showtime announced that later this year it would air a documentary called "XY Chelsea" that follows her release from prison. Several ambassadors were recalled or expelled as a result of the information she leaked.

"I'm figuring things out right now - which is exciting, awkward, fun, and all new for me", Manning wrote. She has been lauded as a hero by some on the left but also decried as a traitor by many, including President Trump.

Chelsea Manning Has Filed To Run For The US Senate In Maryland