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Privacy Tools Adds Transparency to Microsoft Windows Data Collection

26 Enero 2018

As shown below, the data the viewer displays is split into a key, labelling what the data is, and a value. Also, in February 2017, the European Union data protection watchdogs had that they were still concerned about the privacy settings of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system despite the USA company announcing changes to the installation process. Pop by Ars Technica for more information. "To kick off the new year ahead of Data Privacy Day we are giving our Windows Insiders an early preview of the Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer coming in our next release of Windows", said Microsoft.

Common data (diagnostic header information) includes the operating system version device class, and a unique device ID.

Again, these features are rolling out first to members of the Insiders program. Also, a user would be allowed to change their account's Diagnostic Data levels, irrespective to what has originally been set by the administrator.

From within the application, users will be able to view a great deal of diagnostic data including device connectivity, peripherals, configuration options, performance data, installed apps, films viewed and more.

The Privacy Dashboard will now allow users to see and manage more data that is associated with their Microsoft account. However, not everybody was a fan of the devices' stripped-down Windows 10 S operating systems.

With that, you're saving 100 bucks on the pre-installation of Windows 10 Pro if you were to install the OS on a Surface Laptop after, say, Microsoft's newly-extended March 31, 2018 deadline for free upgrades from Windows 10 S to Pro. Additionally, users will be able to export their dashboard data and delete specific items. Browsing History data is from the Microsoft Edge browser, while Inking, Typing, and Speech Utterance data are typically associated with the Cortana service.

For customers running Windows 10 Enterprise edition, a separate setting, available via Group Policy, reduces telemetry collection to a bare minimum but also disables Windows Update. Microsoft published a comprehensive list of the information that it collects and has also been insisting that the data is only being used to improve the OS iteratively and that it will not be sold to third parties. The latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has been seeing some quick adoption rate when compared to its predecessors. In 2016, France had the company to stop collecting excessive user data from Windows users and serving them personalised ads without their consent.

Privacy Tools Adds Transparency to Microsoft Windows Data Collection