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Who scored, and fumbled, on TV's biggest stage — Super Bowl LII

07 Febrero 2018

"They get to show the dedication and love they have for the show, but you have to understand that it is a Doritos commercial".

Keanu Reeves/Squarespace. Just in terms of Advertising 101, Reeves' don't-try-this-at-home stunt did nothing to explain the product, or what on Earth riding a motorcycle down a barren road had to do with it.

More than anyone else, fans of the hit HBO thriller series Game of Thrones took particularly delight on the Doritos part of the ad as conspiracy theories surrounding Dinklage's character's, Tyrion, were further strengthened.

The ad started with Dinklage holding a bag of Doritos and eating from it. Fire from the fire place suddenly blew up, and then unexpectedly, he lip-synced to the tune of Busta Rhymes' Look at Me Now while walking in a burning room. If the principal goal is to use the Super Bowl to get noticed, Netflix achieved that and then some.

"So [fans] are sort of stretching the limit with that theory when you're branching out to Frito-Lay commercials", Dinklage added.

"I say that with all love and respect".

Some people turned the TV set off and on, thinking the set had malfunctioned. Three years ago, it was "The Blacklist", and six years ago it was "The Voice".

Amazon's Alexa ad, Budweiser's feel-good spot about providing water for those affected by natural disasters, and Bud Light's ongoing "Dilly Dilly" spots were all popular, as measured by number of views in the days leading up to the game, as well as during the game itself. Granted, not all the movies looked like winners, with "Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom" - which, technically, aired right before the game began - among the other standouts.

By saying no "commercial time" was missed, NBC might be indicating that network promos were supposed to air during the blackout time.

The announcers tossed to a commercial break, so viewers didn't know what had happened.

USA also reported that a survey from Adtaxi predicted streaming of the Super Bowl to increase this year by 45%.

Who scored, and fumbled, on TV's biggest stage — Super Bowl LII