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Court upholds arrest warrant for Wikileaks founder

15 Febrero 2018

A British court rejected WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's plea to have an arrest warrant against him quashed for the second time in a week on Tuesday, Reuters reported.

"The impression I that he is a man who wants to impose his terms on the course of justice", she said in her ruling at Westminster Magistrates Court.

Robinson said Assange's case was a test for the freedom of the press to publish. He is suffering from ill health and depression and the time he's spent locked inside the Ecuadorian Embassy is punishment enough for his crimes, they said. The judge went outside what the parties presented in court.

Legal proceedings in Sweden were dropped last May and a European Arrest Warrant was withdrawn. "I have given up years of my own liberty [.] to bring truth to the public", he wrote last year.

Over 10 pages, Judge Arbuthnot dissected and dismissed each of the arguments put forward by Mr Assange's lawyers.

"I do not accept that Sweden would have rendered Assange to the United States".

The UK government has not confirmed whether an extradition request exists.

Assange was criticized by senior district judge Emma Arbuthnot for failing to appear in court, who also countered his argument that he has been imprisoned in the embassy.

As for Assange's stay in the embassy, which the working group labeled as prolonging his deprivation of liberty, Arbuthnot noted the "distinction between being held in Wandsworth Prison and living in the embassy". "It is certainly not against the public interest to proceed".

The same lawyer told Ny in 2013, "It is simply amazing how much work this case is generating". He suspects there is a secret U.S. grand jury indictment against him for WikiLeaks' publication of classified documents, and that American authorities will seek his extradition.

It was argued by Assange's legal representative, Mark Summers, that the Australian national feared that extradition to Sweden would result in him being turned over to U.S. federal authorities.

"We are surprised", Assange tweeted from the Ecuadorian embassy.

A cat, believed to be owned by Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange, wears a tie as it looks out of a window at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Arbuthnot said Assange has no one but himself to blame for his prolonged detention.

'In our recent FoI challenge against the CPS [.] the CPS refused to disclose certain material because it would 'tip off' Mr Assange about a possible US extradition request.

Assange voiced his shock at the ruling. He fears that if he surrenders to Britain, he would be extradited to the United States.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange lost a bid Tuesday to drop a British arrest warrant against him, which he had hoped would free him from his self-imposed exile in Ecuador's embassy in London.

Court upholds arrest warrant for Wikileaks founder