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Casa » Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Apple iPhone X: Which is best?

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Apple iPhone X: Which is best?

14 Marcha 2018

In the GeekBench listing, the Samsung Galaxy J8+ got 749 points in single-core test and in multi-core test it received 3708 points. It features the same Super AMOLED panel with a 2960x1440 resolution, and has almost exactly the same dimensions. This is comparable with other flagships, although it doesn't quite cross the HTC's sapphire glass display which can go up to level 8 without a mark. Samsung says the lens functions similarly to the human eye when you're taking photos in sunlight, the lens will contract and let less light in. So should you be upgrading from the Galaxy S8 to the Galaxy S9?

What does the Galaxy S9 cost right now?

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus were made available for preorder last weekend.

Another plus for the S9 is better battery life, being equipped with a 3000mAh just like its predecessor. Amazon has it listed for pre-order for the same list price. It is a cool feature that stands out when you or your friends give a tour of the handset. So really, big improvement there on how to unlock the phone. Both lenses on the S9+ take benefits from OIS. They could have focused on the phone's 800Mbps data transmission speed, which is one of the fastest among smartphones. It's artificial intelligence, that kind of thing. Samsung needs to price its Galaxy J8 duo strategically. Hence you might end up paying nearly 40% more than you think in case of S9 and 33% for S9 Plus. This is surely an attempt to make the user experience friendlier or at least more aesthetic.

Because the Galaxy S7 was mired by the Note 7's troubles, it's possible that the S7 was more aggressively discounted than the S8 will be.

The metal sides of the S9 are obviously no match for a razor blade, but the Gorilla Glass 5 on the back of the phone remains unscathed at attempts to scratch it with the razor, just like the front of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Apple iPhone X: Which is best?