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Attention Gmail users: your emails might 'self-destruct' soon

15 Abril 2018

The feature could help enhance speech in video recording, and it could even lead to camera-linked hearing aids in order to improve quality for hearing-impaired users. So the Google Assistant, which gets smarter with time, is not to be underestimated.

However, the Google AI unavailability of the AI will not exist for long. With Google Home support, you can use your voice to play a live video feed from the camera to a Chromecast connected to your TV. This measure is one of the new and serious security measures for emails Google wants to implement. If you cut that down to something like, "Hey Google, stop game" or "Hey Google, turn off the game", it won't work, and you'll just get frustrated. According to new reports by TechCrunch, the email service will receive an improved design and look, which seem to be aimed at achieving a better sense of minimalism. "Google Go is built to handle these challenges". "Product Sans letters look like the "g" used in Google's current logo; Roboto will make some noticeable changes to characters like "Q", "?" and "$". You can then plug in anything you want, including a lamp, television or any other home appliance, and control it from your Google Home. The current version of Gmail lets you choose between compact, cozy, and comfortable sizes, but it only really affects spacing between emails.

Therefore, Gmail will allow you to encrypt certain sensitive emails. This new security feature will give you, the sender, more control. Better yet, you can control it with your voice via Google Home.

This "confidential mode" will be available around the time that Google launches the Gmail redesign, which will reportedly be within the next few weeks. It is a handy, portable device wrapped in a specially crafted material which is durable and soft, but also transparent enough to let through both light and sound. Is it cobalt, magnesium, or silver? The mails will have a "confidential mode" lock icon barring recipients to forward their content, copy and paste, download or print them.

Attention Gmail users: your emails might 'self-destruct' soon