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Google loses "right to be forgotten" legal case in Britain

15 Abril 2018

However, that doesn't seem to stop Google, as the company is now going beyond the POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols. It will also include a number of useful new features, and easy access to other G Suite apps, such as Google Calendar.

You'll also be able to send emails in "Confidential Mode", which will block the recipient from forwarding, copying and pasting, downloading, or printing the email. The Confidential Mode further prohibits the emails to be copied, printed or forwarded. This week, a brand new design was leaked by TechCrunch for the web version of Gmail, along with several new features including Smart Reply from the web client, the ability to snooze emails, and offline support. The feature could help enhance speech in video recording, and it could even lead to camera-linked hearing aids in order to improve quality for hearing-impaired users. And it may very well expose you to some new authors, though the 100,000 books included in the database are something of a mixed bag.

After facing employee fury over a US Defence Department project, Google is reportedly drafting new ethical standards to guide the company's use of technology and products.

One of these, according to TechCrunch, is self-destructing emails.

In 2014, the European Court of Justice set legal precedent for the "right to be forgotten" after a Spanish man asked Google to remove results about his financial history.

Google has launched a new website called Semantic Experiences that enables the public to interact with its natural language artificial intelligence.

For humans, it often takes years to develop the skill of picking out a voice among crowds.

It is being speculated that Google is not deleting any emails, instead, it is simply destroying the go-between links so that the content can't be read.

End-to-end encryption is also not mentioned by Google anywhere.

You will be able to customise the setting by tapping on the lock icon in the compose mail section.

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